All video shots of Deadwood (since 1983... until July of 2008) are now gone!

All picture pages and event pages too... (over 400 of them) ALL GONE NOW.

In the past we always tried to offer at least the past 10 years of parades and good times, including all 17 major events celebrated in the Black Hills.... (With free pictures and video of Sturgis, Spearfish, Hill City, Belle Fourche, and many other areas).

Also we tried to more closely cover all events in the Deadwood area... Along with at least a taste of almost every Rendezvous within the 5 state region of the upper midwest. 

We were working on offering even more... until my life was threatened. I am sorry to say instead of the  "before 2000" pages we promised everyone you will now see about 700 new pages of mean-spirited angry work. And more will be added after the family is safe!
(Watch these pages for many wicked pictures and video out of the past).

The newest site on Deadwood originally took 11 people 8 months to complete... But it all went away after some trouble with the cops and courts! (Kellar's killers and other low-life types have total control over them using money and drugs)... We have now started working with more knowledgeable people on solving the real problem behind all this foolishness. We will also continue to compress more video to better show many past problems with the above people...

Stay tuned, you may be surprised that Deadwood could be that evil! 




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About what started this click here (my time in Deadwood... and why it ended)!

How it finally escaladed to an unbelievable  VIDEO (an actual RAPE "acted out" by the crew)!

An index of some crimes committed (that continue unpunished to date)!

For information about the girl that helped us with this domain war (how Heidi got us a million hits and counting)!

Another web site now dedicated to save the Sturgis girls (who also had a few on Donna's list)!